You + Me = We

By Hope Fitzgerald

headshot-hope-fitzgerald_2014I’ve heard from many of you that life isn’t exactly easy right now.  Under an overarching concern about our planet, many are struggling for our very existence.  Some are suffering financially and socially, others have grave health concerns, but most often I hear frustration and confusion about the soul’s purpose in the here and now.

You’ve shared that you’re eager to be a part of the change but you don’t know how; that you’re growing impatient and want your new life to begin; that you listen for guidance but can’t seem to hear it; and, most poignantly, that you’re questioning a world so obviously full of troubles and even losing hope that we can turn this old ark around.

World events are good at prodding us into a place of quick reaction, which can sometimes be a good thing if we’re able to immediately assist those in need through a donation of time, money  and/or energy.  However, there are plenty of instances when we can only stand by and watch helplessly, wondering what on earth is happening to us as a human family.

So, let’s circle up and think quietly about what we DO know for a minute.

We know that we are breathing and in a body.  We know that we are not flesh alone but spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We could even take that one more step and say that we chose to be here right now.


Consider the vast matrix that holds us all in unity.  One idea is that each of us has volunteered to be one pinpoint of light in that web for a reason.  Despite our tiny individual size in relation to the whole, our ability to broadcast is NOT minimal – what we think and how we feel is palpable in this field.  Now imagine that we’re joining with others of like mind and the impact of those thoughts and feelings grows exponentially.  This is no longer just spiritual conjecture – the Global Consciousness Project, using random number generators placed all over the world, famously showed a large, worldwide spikejust before  9/11 and more recently before the Paris attacks, although those were more localized.  Many books, such as Lynne McTaggert’s The Field, discuss this phenomenon.  Another way to think of our inherent connectivity is as morphogenetic fields, researched by Rupert Sheldrake.  (I know you’re aware of these concepts but I’m reminding us all for a reason.)

So, if we chose to hold our physical spot in Creation at this moment, now the question becomes: “If it’s my job to be the best light that I can be, what can I think and feel that will contribute to the solution rather than the destruction?”

In these challenging (but still beautiful) times, I believe we are being asked to step up to something even greater than what we have been before; we are being prompted to choose definitively to flower in courage or to recoil in fear.  What’s in my heart is an ache as wide as the ocean for our fellow citizens around the world who are suffering, and a gratitude as deep as that same sea for the ability to vigorously appreciate each moment, bringing with it a restoration of peace and even joy.  My guides call it a delicate balance of Compassion and Good Cheer, and the doorway to it is through Gratitude.

Being cheerful may seem like a trivial response to horrific events but if you think about how difficult it is to choose THAT when you are traumatized, you will understand that it’s not easy at all – it takes a great deal of intention to decide to adopt that stance.  You see, we all have our initial emotional responses to scary happenings but those are meant to beprocessed through until we can find an alignment that doesn’t dis-empower us or the collective.

Why does this matter?

Because fear doesn’t help the greater good but joy and love do.  Whatever darkness exists, it cannot continue in the face of happiness.  It just can’t.  Part of our job of sustaining the whole is to rigorously work our hearts into a cheerful place in spite of what is presenting itself.  In a way, we are being asked to look through what is in front of us to a more beautiful landscape that we wish to see just beyond it.  It might be hard to remember this but ALL scenarios are possible – all it takes US to imagine and fuel them with our hope.  When we choose to be uplifted and hold a vision, it radiates to the many pinpoints and adds to their glow.

If we opt to orient to this as our “true north”, then we have something to aspire to should another shattering event threaten to take us into a downward tumble.  And if MANY of us agree to step up to this challenge, then we will be lighting up the web with our Compassion and Good Cheer!

Surely we can do this for one another, even if we’re struggling personally.  Perhaps this small but powerful act is what you came here for – perhaps this is the remembrance you’ve been seeking.  It really could be this simple.  You really matter here.

We’re all in this together – many hands make light work (pun intended).  🙂

“Coherent consciousness creates order in the world,
Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.”

-The Global Consciousness Project