See Life Through Your Third Eye

One of the most exciting aspects of immersing oneself in Sacred Structured Water is the emergence of multidimensional experiences that accompany the opening of the pineal gland and third eye. Closed doors open to infinite creativity and inspiration; dull sensitivity is replaced by untold layers of ever expanding adventures; finite understanding is replaced by magic, mystery and awe.

Some people experience quantum leaps immediately while others take longer to become sensitive to the infinite energy of Structured Water. The following suggestions are directed to those who wish to expand the multidimensional experiences available with Sacred Structured Water. 

  1. Immerse yourself. What if Structured Water is Source in physical form? Would you take a few minutes to spread it everywhere? There are many great techniques for immersing yourself in Sacred Structured Water such as using a spray bottle to mist your crown chakra, watering plants, filling a fountain, and remembering to always have a drinking container nearby. 
  2. Notice your sensitivities. What are you sensitive to? Are you on an energy roller coaster with caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or sugar? Do you allow the discordant energies of external stimuli like the mainstream media to impact you? It can be difficult to discern subtle messages from within if the external discord is loud. By creating quiet space in your life you’ll be better able to tune to the harmony of Sacred Structured Water.
  3. Dialogue with Water. Water has been communicating with us for aeons and now that we have finally entered the Age of Aquarius more of us are beginning to take notice. Water is a living consciousness holding all memory and information. Begin to dialogue with Water and see what you notice. For those who are just starting out, you may want to try asking Water a question right before bed and seeing what shows up in the morning.

For those who create the Sacred space within and tune to subtle energies, there is a world of infinite possibilities awaiting.  Sacred Structured Water is the access to the Infinite Creator.  Quiet the roller coasters of addictions, substitutes, and false energy sources and focus. As you do, you may just have an experience like our customer Denise:

“MY THIRD EYE IS OPENING!!! Hi Patrick, As I was relating to you in our conversation, I received my package today. I was so excited to get it and utilized the portable right away and installed the shower head. Within 5 minutes of drinking my first large glass of structured water, my third eye begin burning and activating. The water was so smooth that I kept drinking more. My body/kidneys/bladder began functioning more highly very quickly and detoxing. I next took a shower that was absolutely wonderful, the stream and flow of the water was high quality and the water felt different and quite soothing. After drying off I noticed that my whole body was tingling and felt energized. I then went into a bit of detox / sweating through the skin. I am very pleased and anticipate an evolving relationship with water that was way more than I expected when I ordered your product. I look forward to learning as much as possible with my expanded awareness of water and the life it brings. May you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holidays! Blessings and gratitude to you” ~ Denise