Tapping Techniques for a Conscious Gardener

The biography of your life becomes the biology of your body in your cells, thoughts, memories and emotions. Your body, brain, central nervous system, and all your subconscious wiring is the sum total of ALL your life experiences from conception to birth – birth until now! All of this is like a beautiful garden that needs daily tending with water, breath, tapping techniques, essential oils, and words of affirmation.

Visualize your inner subconscious garden as 1000s of acres of consciousness to sow, soil to amend, and new seeds to plant. Understanding and accessing the power of your subconscious mind by “cleaning out the weeds” will transform your inner world, bringing more happiness and beauty to your outer world.

Special Note: all your “emotional weeds” can be composted and turned into beautiful flowers and orchards with ease!

See your subconscious garden as being made up of air, water, and soil of your mind, emotions, memories, and genetics. Remember your genetics just mean “memories of the cell” and even your genetics are upgradable by changing “how your remember” both through what you eat, how you think, and how you feel. The soil within your conscious and subconscious mind may need some upgrades, natural fertilizers, and new roots!

Below is a simple understanding of how you perform emotional alchemy and profound transmutation by pulling the weeds of your “inner garden”. This analogy below is also simple to understand because our body is so intimately connected to nature through clean air, pure water water, and organic minerals.

Through emotional alchemy we can pull the weeds by the root, amend the soil, and water each day with new breath, essential oils, and healing words of affirmation. Each day we tend to our inner garden, we can plant even more beautiful and resilient flowers of health, happiness, and self-esteem. Below are a key of symbols and their definitions of each dimension within our inner garden:

The Weeds = suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs that are toxic, holding us back, causing symptoms/disease, and limiting us in life, family, and relationships (ya know… stuff we’d just rather not talk about!).

The Flowers = strong emotional patterns and personal beliefs that cultivate high emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, high self-esteem and healthy boundaries with others

Air, Topsoil, and Plants we CAN see = our conscious mind

Soil, Microbes, and Roots We CAN’T See = our subconscious mind

Daily Watering and Fertilizing = the thoughts, words, and feelings we currently express daily, feeding the weeds or strengthening the flowers

Roots of Our Weeds = the memories, traumas, genetic patterns, and cause of the suppressed emotional pattern or limiting belief that may create subconscious block and physical pain.

Roots of our flowers = high emotional intelligence and alchemy with the strongest seeds of only what is pure, noble, and good for our self-esteem, self-image, and relationships.

Essential Oils = the weed killer and/or soil amendments we use to remove the toxic weeds, emotions, and limiting beliefs and plant beautiful and resilient flowers!

Conscious Language, Meditation, Prayers and Daily Affirmations = the healing waters that rebuilds and replenishes the soil of our conscious and subconscious mind. Repetition with rhythm and deep feeling is the mother of perfection to create permanent change and transformation.

Emotional Alchemy = the conscious gardener within you pulling the weeds by the root and fertilizing the soil to amend the nutritional deficiencies of your consciousness so NO MORE WEEDS come back… only flowers, fruit trees, and more beautiful gardens of consciousness.

Special note: In nature, weeds are not bad… they are just a sign that the soil is out of balance
and nature is bringing the weed into the mix to add what is needed so that the environment will come into greater balance. Mother Nature is consciously evolving through natural plant intelligence and always seeks balance, even with the weeds. Our physical, mental, and emotional body is always seeking balance as well… sometimes we just require new gardening tools, emotional weed killers, and spiritual fertilizers!

Your greatest weakness shall be your greatest strength.

Emotional Key #3: Every chronic physical symptom or disease in the physical body is initiated and reflected in the emotional body or subconscious mind. Feelings buried alive… never die… you just have the opportunity to pull some weeds and plant new flowers!

Become a conscious gardener of your subconscious mind… Tend to it every day. As you develop daily rituals through breath, essential oils, and tapping techniques – you will set your mind free and love more with your heart. Love is medicine… now let’s go a little deeper into uncovering the art and science of emotional alchemy! You will soon discover how to love yourself unconditionally and see perfection in everyone you meet.

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