Release and Envision

Autumn, known in bygone days as Samhain, naturally draws our attention to endings as Nature signals that it’s time to close down her verdant shop.  As the days grow shorter, we, too, are beckoned to begin a curl inside, much like a golden leaf having released itself from its mother tree.  Gusty Fall gales clear the landscape of leaves and so must we also apply an ‘inner’ wind to sweep us out for a cozier hibernation in the months ahead.  After all, how peaceful can our winter be with summer cobwebs in our internal corners?  

But these days, it’s not enough to merely clear out our closets – we also need to view what we wish to put in place of that which has been removed.  So, the theme for this season is Release and Envision.

Release: It’s been a very full year (and even bumpy) for most of us, with plenty of highs and lows.  As a GodSelf, being able to discern and let go of what no longer serves is key right now as there is so much change afoot – it stands to reason that we would want to travel lightly and nimbly as we move forward into increasingly turbulent times.

  Most of us know that we are constantly influenced by forces larger than we are so it’s no surprise to discover that even the planet Pluto currently supports this releasing activity.  Between the season and the planets, we are virtually compelled to clean house, whether we like it or not!  (I am not an astrology expert but feel this is too important not to mention – I have borrowed from some trusted astrologers to get an understanding of the set-up.)

Suffice to say that there is a Mars/Pluto conjunction that is perfectly placed to help us face truths and let things go, which, once released, allows us to be propelled forward, IF we have the courage and the will.

“Pluto symbolizes a deeper will at work within us, which may not always accord with what we think we want.  Pluto is not wantonly destructive or malevolent, but reveals where the flow of life is blocked and must be freed by the relinquishing of an old structure or attitude.  Pluto is a profound symbol of the necessity of endings, and describes our urge to destroy what we have outgrown. We express Pluto each time we arrive at the end of a chapter of life, and are inexorably impelled to tear down what is old and stagnant so that we may be free to build anew.”  Liz Greene

By now I hope you immediately think about the Infinity Wave whenever you see words like “the flow of life is blocked.”  All of this suggested purging will be greatly aided by the compassionate waters of the Wave, so please put it to good use – after all, it’s sometimes painful to say goodbye to aspects of ourselves we have grown used to, even if they’re not useful for us anymore.  If we can bid adieu with love and compassion for the service they provided at one time, not only will the purge be complete but it will mend more quickly.  Wrap the Wave around yourself from head to toe (Infinity Cradle) and apply it within your body as well, asking it to wash away the dross with peace and ease.

Why is this so important?  

As Gail Sheehy wrote in Passages, healthy development requires us to finish each chapter of our lives before being able to move on to the next or we run the risk of carrying over resentments and bitterness into the following chapter, and bound to repeat the same mistakes again.  Her “finishing” involves accepting and fully feeling what has been positive and negative – a sort of chapter review.  We’ve all been there and know the bittersweet quality it can have.

I encourage you to use Pluto & Mars to provide the much-needed fuel to dive deep into this challenging but crucial work NOW – and let the Infinity Wave add the comfort of love and compassion to the process.

Envision:  As Aristotle said, “Nature abhors a vacuum.”  That is why it is so important to actively choose what you want to move into all the empty spaces that you’ve just cleaned out and then go into a state of allowing with the Infinity Wave.  What stirs your evolutionary heart?  What will enhance your precious life right now?  What do you yearn to study?  How will you refill your libraries?  Can you see your GodSelf more clearly now?

  Take the time to gather your dreams of the life you desire and determine to place them in a prominent place on your internal shelves, where you can refer to them regularly.  You can even ask the Wave to lasso your future Self into your Now!  Then, make yourself available for miracles to happen.  Consider the following on the theme of monetary Abundance:

“I can’t believe the results I got!  Over $6 million dollars in new opportunities literally fell into my lap during the first 5 days of my Infinity Wave practice!”  Alex P., Los Angeles

“I have been very worried about money.  I used the Infinity Wave today when I prayed for assistance with cash flow.  Within one hour I received a new booking at my Inn for 2 rooms, five nights.  Later in the day, I had a request for pricing for the entire house in October!  Very exciting immediate results!  I am very pleased to have this new tool in my toolbox.”    Nadine H. Canaan, CT

So, don’t delay any longer – use Releasing and Envisioning with the Infinity Wave to emerge a lighter, happier, more vibrant GodSelf!  To take advantage of Hope’s Free Give Away of the Infinity Wave, click here.