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Laurie McCracken: Virtual Community Emotion Code Sessions

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In the comfort of your own home, you can do Community Emotion Code in community with loving people from all over the globe! Community Emotion Code Sessions are offered on the second Wednesday of every month at 2pm EST. Purchase here to access the 3 remaining monthly calls for the remainder of 2017. Calls will be recorded and participants will have access to recordings. Allow Laurie to gently and powerfully support you through deep emotional work, release trapped emotions, and take you to new heights!



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Product Description

We all have trapped emotions that feel like heavy back packs. “Our issues are in our tissues”. At least 90% of our physical symptoms come from stuck emotions. The Emotion and Body Code is a new energetic healing modality that creates the conditions for us to access and release negative emotions quickly, gently, and powerfully to experience freedom, health, and joy. Let go of what’s holding you back!

Experience a heart opening Energetics Community Emotion Code Session where the benefits are amplified and enhanced by the support of the group. Whether you participate or observe you will receive the same benefits. A remote session allows you to do deep emotional work in the comfort of your home and in community.

An Energetics Community Emotion and Body Code session lasts about 60 minutes. If you’re having an in person session you’ll be seated or standing and participating in various techniques to release stress and anxiety that has been trapped in your body. In a remote session the practitioner will adjust the techniques in order to get the same result as an in person session.

If you’re wondering if a remote session is as effective as an in person session, the answer is YES! Laurie McCracken will guide you through a gentle process of releasing emotions that no longer serve you. You don’t have to fully understand how it works in order to have a powerful outcome. Trapped emotions are universal, they run through us all and Community Emotion and Body Code is a simple but powerful way to help release emotions that are trapped in your body.