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Laurie McCracken: Emotion Code Personal Session 5 Pack

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Western Medicine treats the symptom of pain, not the cause of it. Medications simply mask symptoms so we feel less and can put us in a state of numbness. If you want truly long-lasting relief from pain and chronic symptoms you have to go to the root cause of the problem. A Jov de Viv Energetics session is a simple but powerful way to help release emotions that are trapped in your body.

A Joy de Viv Energetics session is typically an hour. If you’re having an in person session you’ll be seated or standing and participating in various techniques to release stress and anxiety that has been trapped in your body. In a remote session the practitioner will adjust the techniques in order to get the same result as an in person session.

If you’re wondering if a remote session is as effective as an in person session, the answer is yes! Joy de Viv Energetics is about guiding you through a gentle process of releasing emotions that no longer serve you. You don’t have to fully understand how it works in order to have a powerful outcome.

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