Jivara Maximus

Jivara Maximus Water Energizer


The Jivara Maximus Water Energizer was formulated to handle large jobs such as whole house water energizing, watering gardens, watering livestock, and even for a well’s holding tank. Having structured, energized and coherent water inside and outside of your house enhances optimal living.

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Product Description

Years and years of exhaustive scientific research went into the Jivara Maximus technology to create water that is like mountain spring water. Jivara water devices reshape water so that it has a natural crystalline shape. The crystalline shape, similar to a snowflake, can be seen under a microscope. The water has a noticeably smoother and fresher taste. However, the benefits go beyond taste because the reshaped water is activated to be more readily absorbed into your cells.

Our Guarantee & Warranty: 5-year warranty on function and device technology, 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or 100% money back.

The combination of proprietary materials that are used in the Jivara Portable Water Energizer allows for:

  • Elimination of pollutants
  • Water with a  noticeably softer and fresher taste
  • Spring water quality

*Note about freezing with warranty:
The Maximus contains highly charged water inside of it and this could freeze. Do NOT install outside in cold climates or in places where it is likely to freeze. Freezing is not covered by the warranty.



Length: Approx. 4″

Weight: Approx. 4lbs

The Jivara Maximus is manufactured using standards approved by DVGW (the largest certification organization covering procedures for water in Europe. This includes the 2% lead found in the brass.

The State of California requires all devices that come into contact with water to be lead free according to Health & Saf. Code, § 116875, subd.(a). Accordingly, the Jivara Maximus is not recommended for customers in California. For those who prefer a different Whole House Structured Water Device, we recommend the Natural Action Technologies Dynamically Enhanced products. For those concerned about lead in water, feel free to contact us for a recommendation for a filter that removes lead.