Intuitive Dowsing with Hope Fitzgerald


Generally, people come to me when they are at a crossroads with burning questions about a direction to take, a partnership in business or love, a potential move, or an overall issue of not knowing what to do with their lives. In my experience, no matter what the dilemma is, the dowsing rods can provide guidance, and I love to help with that.

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Product Description

You might wonder where this information comes from and I can only tell you that I believe it is an untarnished wisdom from the Universal consciousness. This particular brand of wisdom is quite expansive and impartial, yet very compassionate. And this is where the “intuitive” comes in: my job is to remove my personality from the equation as much as possible in order to be a clear conduit for the information, while also acting as the loving interpreter. I often receive key phrases, metaphors and ‘nudges’ about how to navigate the session from my spirit guides.

I have no expectations as I enter into the process and am completely detached from the outcome. Therefore, if you should decide not to follow the advice from the rods, it does not affect me in the slightest. We all have free will to make the decisions we feel are best for us, and I support you in that.

The experience both for me and the dowsee is a greater perspective – there are often scenarios and solutions that neither of us could have arrived at with our own human minds. This is the part of Intuitive Dowsing that I enjoy most – it’s like following the breadcrumbs into the forest and being delightfully surprised to find a treasure lying just around the corner!

It’s important to understand that dowsing is not fortune telling – we dowsers are not supposed to use the technology in that way. My work operates more like a mirror in which you will get glimpses of yourself and receive information intended to help you evolve. In that sense, it’s possible that some information will not be what your mind will want to hear, and you may need some time to integrate it. We can always discover what to do with what you’ve learned and look for the sofest landing possible. The guidance is merely offered as new input to toss into your decision “pot” – as always, YOU get to choose…