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Elevate Your Life

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APRIL 16TH – MAY 14TH 2016

How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger with Nature’s Botanical Pharmacy:
featuring Raw Food Expert Arttemis Keszainn and Raw Food Chef Alicia Ojeda

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Arttemis and Chef Alicia guide you every step of the way in your transformational journey of spiritual elevation through healthy living: no guesswork, no confusion about what to do or what to eat, no struggling with grocery shopping or recipes.  We thought of everything in advance and we will be holding your hand throughout the entire Elevate Your Life Program to help you achieve great success, vibrant health, and whole-body Spiritual Nutrition that lasts a lifetime!


“It’s hard to believe I have more energy, focus, and flexibility than ever before!
I love all the delicious recipes” – Jeff Chen
“My energy level is huge, my attention span is sharp and my memory seems to be much better.
I am not sure what has happened but I am not the person I used to be and I feel amazing on the Elixirs and Smoothies!” – Claudia Colte

image075 Weeks of Live Classes Helping You Live ABOVE the Wellness Line:

Your 5-Week Fully Guided Program Includes:

  • 5 Live – 90min – Interactive Google Hangout Video Classes with Food Demos, Recipes, Q&A Sessions, and Spiritual Nutrition for Mind, Heart, Body and Soul
    [Group Coaching Value: $800.00]
  • Elevate Your Life Meal Plans and “Lifestyle by Design” Pdf’s From Arttemis & Chef Alicia to guide you step-by-step each week in elevating your life and health     
    [Value: 297.00]
  • 70+ Raw Gourmet Recipes – Including Meals, Snacks, Elixirs, Smoothies, and Life-Force Activated Superfoods to Delight Your Taste Buds and Nourish Your Body.
    [Value: $97.00]
  • 3 Bonus Videos to get you started right from the beginning:
    • How to Shop for Fruits & Veggies For Maximum Nutrition and Best Flavor”
    • Ripening and Storing Your High Vibe Fruits for Taste, Freshness and Nutrient Density”
    • Washing Fruits & Veggies for Peak Taste, Freshness, and Maximum Nutrition
      [Value: $47.00]
  • 2 Bonus Mp3 Audio Trainings on “How to Overcome Your Food Cravings” and “How to Transform Fear into Faith: Making Clear Choices With Your Health Care When You Feel Stuck and Afraid”
    [Value: $47.00]

Total Value of the Elevate Your Life

5-Week Fully Guided Program:

Total Value: $1,288.00

Special Offer: $97.00