Introduction to the GodSelf Hall of Fame

What is the GodSelf Hall of Fame?

At GodSelf University we consider aspects of life and how they can be approached from a perspective of Oneness, Love and Connection. The GodSelf Hall of Fame celebrates courageous individuals who have made significant contributions to the evolution of humanity.

Humanity is facing an epic opportunity. Destabilizing forces are rocking old world systems threatening our very survival. Simultaneously, new understandings are emerging as individuals recognise that we are the ones who will usher in the New Age. For aeons those who opened doors to new ideas were persecuted for speaking out. Fortunately, they persisted so we no longer believe the earth is flat, or the sun revolves around the earth and we have an environment that is more receptive to the possibility of new understandings.

With widespread adoption of the internet, the earth has grown a nervous system that connects the people. Now, people can feel our connection as we move forward. More leaders are speaking out about the way the world functions. They are posing alternative theories that are holistic, inclusive and feel good. The GodSelf Hall of Fame spotlight shines on those who put forth these alternative theories.

As you watch GodSelf Hall of Fame videos, notice how you feel. Does love emerge from your heart? Do you feel scared? Or maybe liberated? In the new era, you choose the truth that you believe in. You choose where to focus your energy and thereby magnify Creation. When you focus your attention upon those in the GodSelf Hall of Fame the Universe responds by creating more like thinking. If you like what you see here, visit often and share our posts with friends and on social media. Choose Hall of Fame videos over ordinary television. Vote for a new world order by focusing your attention on what matters most to you.

The masters featured in GodSelf Hall of Fame videos are the Heroes of the New Age. They are the bold seekers and speakers who have been willing to go with the flow of life and discover and reveal new truths. GodSelf  wholeheartedly thanks all of the speakers featured in this section. Without their pioneering contributions the vibrations we are experiencing today may have been obfuscated indefinitely.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for focusing your thoughts on Oneness, Love and Connection.


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