Inner and Outer Worlds Align

On a recent trip to South America my intention to understand and communicate with water took me to the top of paramo Sumapaz with two friends and a shaman named Martín. Sumapaz, which literally translates to extreme peace, is a National park in Colombia that is part of the largest extending paramo on Planet Earth, stretching 350,000 hectares through the Andean mountain range. This high alpine tundra, births Colombia’s most important reservoirs and rivers, is the source of the region’s drinking water, and the high mountain peaks are the site of sacred offerings to indigenous cultures.

While I was in Sumapaz, I peered through the doorway of mist into other dimensions.  It was the most obvious experience I’ve ever seen about the clear reflection between our inner and outer worlds.  After a long drive up winding roads into largely uncharted territory we parked our car and ascended the last hour and a half by foot.

The initial view from 12,000 feet was a bit disappointing. We had ascended into a blanket of white mist and as you can see from the photo below there was virtually no visibility.


On the trek up we chewed coca leaves to support adjustment to the altitude and participate in an ancient tradition for enhancing communication with the mountain deities. While sitting amidst the clouds, Martín began to speak about the cosmology of the local indigenous cultures, sharing the spiritual role the high mountain mountain peaks played in life below, and how the peaks are powerful, eternal living beings.  “When you are quiet enough to listen”, he said, “they send messages, answer prayers, and perform magic.”

In the silence of the 12,000 foot mist, Martín began a ritual in which he chanted, sang songs, and inquired about the deep soul work each of us are doing in our lives.  As the ritual unfolded, inner clarity about how to forward soul work began to surface and with it an astounding change in the outer world.

Toward the end of  my ritual with Martín the sky opened to reveal mountains, lakes, and extraordinary energies manifesting as our physical landscape.  The view was open briefly and then it closed up. If this had happened only once, I might have missed how our rituals caused the change in our view.  However the process repeated itself in 3 totally distinct occurrences. Look at the photographs to see what the landscape looked like after our rituals and compare this to the opening photo where we were immersed in mist.  It was amazing!!




In three distinct instances the mist that surrounded us when we arrived at the top of Sumapaz parted to reveal the shining waters of this lake below. What would you conclude? What are we being shown about life? Are there messages of Oneness hiding in plain site?


~Godself Founder, Patrick Durkin