Witness Humanity Healing Itself

There will be many milestones in our evolution as we fully integrate physical and non-physical aspects of ourselves. One of those milestones occurred on GodSelf Live on February 2nd, 2016 and this post is here so you can see what happened, help to hold the energy and anchor in what is possible now, and celebrate our future.

For aeons we have been encouraged to suppress emotions and to think of ourselves as separate. Unaware of the connection between trapped emotions and our health and wellbeing we have been unwittingly sabotaging our own joy and vitality.

Fortunately, the time for change is upon us and new ways of being our emerging. Group Emotion Code session are bringing people out from behind closed doors to heal together in public. We are remembering our power as Creators by releasing trapped emotions and seeing our personal healing contributing to the whole.

Group Emotion Code sessions are a new and extraordinary way for people to heal individual concerns on behalf of humanity. In these sessions, Laurie McCracken guides us in a sacred dialogue with our group consciousness to uncover where we are stuck and release resistance with grace and ease.

The following video was the fifth in our series to demonstrate Group Emotion Code. Notice what happens after at 46:50 minutes. The community begins to participate as people with diverse backgrounds bring forth experience from their individual journeys.

Life is like a big jigsaw puzzle with each one of us a unique piece. As more of us have the courage to contribute our talents and perspective publicly we begin to see the whole picture. We truly are magnificent beings capable of living in love and joy. By practicing Group Emotion Code together we CAN alter the future of humanity forever.

If you’d like to participate in Group (or individual) Emotion Code sessions  you can find more details here.

If you are wondering whether your participation makes a difference, you might want to spend a moment watching the following amusing video about the way movements happen.

Watch for yourself, and be a part of our movement. We welcome you now and always. For more great events that make a difference, join us on www.godself.com/live. Together we can heal humanity!