HeartLock Meditation

“The depth of your consciousness is proportional to the radius of your love.”
~ Howard Martin, co-founder of HeartMath Institute

Learn how to enter the consciousness of God through a simple 5-minute heart-focused meditation every day.

This simple 5min Heart-Focused meditation can:
*Reduce stress
*Lower Cortisol (over time)
*Re-Balance Your Kidneys & Adrenals
*Assist with Deep Sleep Every Night
*Enhance Your Conscious Breath Awareness
*Create POSITIVE EMOTIONS at will! (this is important!)
*Remove Blocked Emotions When You “Feel Stuck”
*Help You Develop Clear Intuition Each Time Your Practice the HeartLock

I also share specific essential oils that will assist men or women to get the most out of the HeartLock Meditation. It will allow you to EXPAND THE RADIUS OF YOUR LOVE! And,NASA teaches this meditation technique to their top Astronauts to surf the cosmos with confidence and purpose.

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Arttemis Keszainn, GodSelf Faculty