GodSelf Hall of Fame: Nassim Haramein

In 2014 Nassim Haramein released a Unified Physics course to the world. With rigor and clear scientific methodology he reveals misconceptions of traditional physics such as the Vacuum Catastrophe and the Strong Force while putting forth theories of how the universe functions that answer some of science’s most important questions.¬†

Watch this video to hear Nassim explain dimensions, the God particle (or as the case may be, lack thereof), and the fundamental pattern of Creation. With humour and delight, Nassim proves mathematically that the Infinite lives within the finite, everything is connected, and why the greatest of leaders encourage people to go within to find answers.

In other videos and writings, Nassim explains how spin and the vacuum contain enough energy to power our society to other planets and even galaxies. Abundant energy is contained within the spin of the vacuum. To learn more about Nassim and Unified Physics click below:

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