Faculty Profile: Laurie McCracken

Laurie McCracken practices leading edge healing techniques to help people achieve new levels of wellness. She is the founder and creator of Joy de Viv, which offers a suite of products and services that enables people to live more passionate, empowered lives.

Laurie is a former Oncology nurse that has transformed her healing knowledge from traditional treatments to natural, holistic remedies and healing modalities. She helps people become free of pain and discomfort by using simple, but effective techniques to help them restore balance and joy in their lives.

Laurie’s background in Oncology led her to the realization that treating illnesses with toxic chemicals doesn’t lead to wellness. She discovered that there were more gentle ways to help bodies into balance. She is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals to understand their health in new ways and achieving levels of wellness that they may never have thought was possible. Laurie helps create new possibilities for wellness by looking at individuals holistically, as unique human beings that they are. She uses her own special blend of modern treatments and time-tested ancient holistic modalities.

Laurie has put in her time learning from master healers and practitioners.
Amongst her accolades are being:

  • Mineral Clay Therapist
  • Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner
  • A Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • A Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Oh, and by the way, she’s still an RN and if you’re Mama does need help, Laurie can find a compassionate way to help her too.

What People are Saying About Working with Laurie:

“Outstanding clearings! I had an amazing session with Laurie. She cleared layers of anger and resentment and every issue that cleared let deeper issues come up to the surface and Laurie handled them as well. I was very impressed by her dedication and gift. If you are seeking a healer to help move the unconscious/subconscious blocks, she is outstanding. She has a gentle and soothing approach. I am very grateful for her help and look forward to work with her in the future. Blessings. Thank you!”

“Amazing healing! “Laurie is a deeply caring, experienced and intuitive healer that will help you work through blocks you didn’t even know you had. I came to Laurie so stuck, blocked and shut down that I didn’t know what to do. Laurie’s work with my subconscious and body began the process of releasing blocks and energy that I have held onto since birth. It is amazing work and Laurie is the perfect person to lead you on the path to healing.””

“You were amazing last night in group emotion code. I am official fan of you and emotion code because you really take people out of their repeating karmic circle so that they don’t have to experience the same obstacles again and again. In my case for example my whole family experienced relief and anxiety I brought from my past life seems to be gone; I feel safe again, even here in Turkey :). Thank you so much Laurie. I hope we go deeper because I sure wanna learn and experience more.”

Lots of love

“There are different types of genius and I believe Laurie is a masterful genius in her craft. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to experience her healing work. Part of the magic and mastery is the open, loving and nurturing space she holds and part is her undeniable skill in her vocation. I am still processing the healing work we did and I’ll continue to process for awhile, yet I already feel such relief and such freedom it’s indescribably delicious. Thank you Laurie.” – Carrie L.

“Laurie is AMAZING!!!!! She managed to release and heal emotions and psychological baggage that I had been stuck with for as long as i can remember and had not been able to heal no matter what else i had tried. And she does so in an extremely gentle way that does not create aftershocks. I recommend her wholeheartedly to EVERYONE, no matter the age or issues. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself!!!!” – J.S.

You have no idea the happiness and relief I feel to have this situation so dramatically improved. It’s been years of frustration and discomfort, going to a million doctors, allergists, dermatologists, whatever, with not even the slightest positive result. Even though the next day my skin was incredibly worse – I felt that it was somehow physically processing whatever irritants/toxicity needed to be released. And then surely enough, over the next few days, everything started to heal. I think it will take a little more time for my skin to be completely smooth (there was a lot of damage), but ALL of the inflammation is gone, and I have total confidence that it will soon be totally healthy and clear. A persistent pain in my hip lessened considerably as well…… 🙂 It is hard to believe people are not more familiar with this powerful process.

Thank you so much, a million times 🙂 You are completely amazing.

– Vanessa

My session with ms. Laurie McCracken was an incredibly powerful and positive experience. She was able to create a profoundly therapeutic space in which I could her my deepest inner voice and feel supported in facing the greatest challenges of my life. I would enthusiastically recommend her as an incredibly sensitive and attuned healing presence.
-Param S.

“We did a couples session with Laurie and she literally saved our marriage.
When we started we were alienated and unable to communicate effectively with each other, thinking divorce was more likely than not, and by the end of the session we felt like when we had just met and our relationship was new and uncluttered with all the garbage. The benefits have lasted. Laurie is a truly masterful healer!” -From a Thankful Couple

“I have had several sessions with Laurie, and she has been able to get to the deepest layers of trauma, trapped emotions, and other blockages that had been in my way that i couldn’t access myself. And she has helped me to release all those things that had been trapped there! As a result I feel like I have become a new person – the person I had long wished to be — and am at last able to live the life I had yearned for for decades but had not been able to realize until now.” Dave S.

“I’ve had a few Emotion Code sessions with Laurie, and all of them have been amazing. Laurie has been very joyful and supportive in the sessions, adding a lot of ease to the release of my stuck energy/emotions. Notable mentions: the chronic pain in my shoulder is gone and has not returned, and my mood and attitude have improved substantially. Thank you Laurie!!”

I earnestly believe the Emotion Code/Body Code is THE healing tool — not only for today, but for the future. Deep thanks to GodSelf University for giving Laurie and her Healing Art a platform that supports her in being of yet wider service.


Since working with Laurie, I’ve had such a transformation. I feel more happy and joyful. I laugh more. I feel more optimistic with renewed energy and commitment to my business and my life. My relationship has improved! Laurie is a healer in every sense o the word. She is so intuitive, and combines it with wisdom and humor. I keep going back to see what else we can uncover and heal. So grateful to, and for, her! Linda W.