Faculty Profile: Kenji Kumara

KenjiKumara020WebAre you looking for something different?

Hello, I AM Kenji Kumara from Sedona, founder of Quantum Lightweaving® and Sedona Vortex Activations™.

I am excited to be offering you a unique Sedona experience that incorporates my 47 years in the field of consciousness, transformation and empowerment. As a guide and mentor, I can assist you in tapping into and aligning with your Inner Presence, with your spirit of discovery, with your soul signature in a gentle and nurturing way.

Imagine exploring sacred power spots, receiving guided activations, learning about the land, the ancestors and the healing power of Sedona.

Imagine tapping into this power to help your body realign to it’s original blueprint of health and well-being.

Imagine what it would be like to be refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated in a aura of safety and protection.

Imagine all the possibilities of rebalancing your body, mind and spirit.

And, best of all, imagine having someone you can pour your heart out to and reflecting back to you who you are and giving you clarity on your life path.

To further your Sedona experience, I offer local 3 day retreats to help you with your ascension process and the integration of your knowing and presence into daily living and a unique mentorship program to share my body of work to the lineage holders.

As you believe, you become.

Having studied with some of the great minds of our times in the field of energy work, body work, spiritual psycho-therapeutics, holistic education, spirituality, meditation and consciousness I have come to the conclusion that the path to awakening is but a step away, a breath away and that all we need do is to “receive” the blessings that come through Grace – and this is what I teach.

Allow, receive, become and be in the knowing that all is well and that you are loved and supported by the great Spirit of Life.

Journey well and be at peace,

Kenji Kumara, M.A., C.S.H.

Sharing the Joy of Awakening
Visionary, catalyst and initiator for the new earth

What People are Saying About Working with Kenji:

“Kenji’s method is out of this world with modality and all the results of his healing. His current profile doesn’t begin to represent the mastery that Kenji exhibits in his work. He was the first Master that made me able to feel energy. Now, when I listen to him teach,

I still remember why I am such a fanatic. He is eloquent, unabashed, and so knowledgeable with such a remarkably smooth and relaxing voice that turns his meditation into medication. I am on this path, thanks to Kenji and other light weavers.” – Evette Rhoden

“I am deeply gratefulto have experienced a Quantum Lightweaving intensive for the first time recently. I found that collapsing what gets in the way to be my Higher Self with the wave of divine light is the fastest way to experience inner peace. Collapsing the wave made it immediate for me.

No processing, no “working” to get rid of something; it was immediate. Over the three days, each experience I had of a collapsed wave was unique, sometimes giving me direction, sometimes healing, sometimes clearing unwanted programmed behavior, sometimes giving me wisdom; and the after effect I experienced always held attributes of inner peace, divine love, JOY, pure awareness, natural grace, unity and love for others –I experienced all these aspects of the wave. I believe these aspects of divinity are who and what we really already are, but they get lost in this 3D dense world.

I find that most people say they are frustrated, maybe worried about money, struggling in relationships, and so on, but with QL when a wave of divine light comes in and collapses the frustration or fear, what’s left is divine love, peace, joy, clarity, wisdom and so on.

To me, the experiences of connecting with the divine energies in the collapsed waves are priceless. Quantum Lightweaving divinely and experientially opens the portal to Source/God’s pure light and pure love. That’s what it did for me.

I want to thank the QL staff for the many hours of devotion they put in to prepare and create a room with clean energy for the attendees and all that the QL staff did to make it all happen. And thank you Kenji for bringing this “weaving” of light so that the rest of us can take a quantum leap of freedom to experience who we really are.

My sense is that this is what we need to get in gear to match the higher frequencies coming in right now, to 2012, and beyond.”

“Quantum Lightweaving supercharged my intuitive understanding of myself, others, and the world around me. The ‘old school’ dualistic model of ‘thinking versus feeling’ or ‘wanting versus having’ or ‘just observing versus fully participating’ –this old school dualistic model quickly lessened as a more fluid way of relating to ‘opposites’ emerged in my experience.

I discovered I could enjoy the dance of each polarity in my life as a limitless, flowing source of inspiration and energy of Oneness. I could actually see the GodSelf in each person in the room and at the same time I could see their human self. Duality dissolved in my experience and the awareness of divine energy expanded. Many times in the wave collapses I felt like I was coming home.

With this, I invite you to take a night off this week and experience a QL introduction night. “Quantum Lightweaving® is an effortless hands-on approach to personal healing and self discovery”

If you didn’t experience Kenji Kumara live, it’s simply impossible to explain how awesome, magical and transformative the moments are that you are missing!”

“Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the wisdom beauty, depth, precision, love, joy, expansion and magnitude of the blessings being bestowed on us by Kenji and his and our partners – this is one heck of a ride and I can’t wait to see where we go next.”

“Thank you for your work, for being you and for the profound sense of peace and calm I feel now.The holiday season has been a source of angst for me for the past ten years as I lost my mother, father, brother, partner all around the holidays ten years ago. It was an unhappy ending to an unhappy story of abuse, cancer, alcoholism, and the typical dysfunctional family system we see today.

I left home at an early age in an effort to escape and created the same situation in my new life with different faces on the players only to repeat the cycle again and again. I moved back to get to know them and try to understand just what the dynamics were and to try and heal us. Instead, it all unraveled and they died strangers to me and my heart.

The only real love I’ve ever known has been from my animal friends. Somehow I’ve mananged to carve out a life and a living but there was always a hollow feeling- a sense of not really and truly mattering to anyone. I’ve lived most of my relationships with others like trying not to get run over in parking lot. In one hour on the phone with you I feel more whole than I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

I’ve been studying metaphysics for over 30 years, meditation, you name it but nothing has ever been as profound as this session with you was. A friend was asking me to describe the session and I could repeat some of the words you used but they really didn’t matter. What touched me was the love and space of connection to pure source that you hold so clearly.

I’ve never felt such love from another human being. I am so grateful and yes finally fulfilled. God bless you for your light. Most of all for bearing witness to the possibility for all of us to shine that light as well.”

“I loved the energy so much but couldn’t do the catching thing so I would just open to it while people were on my table and call it the wonderful energy work at the end of my massages.I tell people that I know it is the most healing part of the massage and they love it.

My class with you was so special that I felt that you were there just for me by pre-planned galactic appointment. I can’t thank you enough for doing what you said you would do here on earth and being there for me. I love the lightweaving work and the way you present it.

It is sooooo beautiful the way it is with you and comes through you. I commend you deeply for reaching so many people with so much love. So it is good that I make myself more available and in a bigger way. The quantum light will respond by using me if indeed I can make a difference toward that 90% awakened DNA.

The only game in town for me too is my own awakening and sharing what I can”