Theta Healing transforms your subconscious mind
so your life unfolds in powerful new ways!

Theta Healing can help you if you are experiencing . . .

  • Overwhelm: Theta lifts burdens you may not even realize you’re carrying.
  • Physical Illness: Theta addresses the root issues that keep you unhealthy.
  • Emotional Imbalances: Theta heals unresolved issues supporting you to live in the present.
  • Life Transitions: Theta eases the journey by helping you make wise choices about your finances, career, marriage/divorce, and caring for an elderly loved one.
  • Family Strife: Theta helps you heal the past by creating new understanding and perspective.
  • Relationship Issues: Theta resolves old wounds allowing you to attract new, healthy relationships.
  • Money or Career Stress: Theta expands cash flow by resolving lifelong patterns.
  • Blocked Creativity: Theta unleashes your artistic inspiration allowing you to create vibrantly in all areas of your life.
  • And so much more!

Freed from resistance your brain will become
a cohesive manifesting power

Karen’s Making Life Happen Course
Will Change Your Life Forever

Listening to these easy-to-understand and easy-to-practice meditations and exercises will help with virtually every aspect of your life, including:

  • Matters of the heart
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being
  • Getting better sleep
  • Clearing clutter from your life
  • Improving your home environment
  • Money/business matters

Theta sessions can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. Making Life Happen is 25 Theta Meditations and Exercises at just a FRACTION OF THE COST!

Repattern your subconscious and align your actions with your dreams and desires
by listening to your recordings as often as you like.

What You Get with Making Life Happen Recordings:

1. Intro to MP3s
Overview of the entire package and Theta Healing (Listen to me first!)

2. Going Up Into the Theta Meditation
Experience going up into the Theta meditation and receive a healing.

3. Making Money Happen (Session 1)
Session 1 of 2 recorded teleclasses that help change damaging belief systems to bring more money into your life now.

4. Making Money Happen (Session 2)
Session 2 of 2 recorded teleclasses that help change damaging belief systems to bring more money into your life now.

5. Making Love Happen
This teleclass recording is geared towards attracting your most compatible romantic soulmate.

6. Healing Your Heart for the Holidays (Session 1)
Session 1 of 2 recorded teleclasses focusing on healing family issues so that you can easily spend time with family, especially around the holidays.

7. Healing Your Heart for the Holidays (Session 2)
Session 2 of 2 recorded teleclasses focusing on healing family issues so that you can easily spend time with family, especially around the holidays.

8. Changing Your State of Mind
When you change your perspective, there is no telling what you can accomplish in your life.

9. Creating Opportunity
This session helps you create and pursue life’s opportunities.

10. Synchronicity
This healing session focuses on bringing together the right people and opportunities at the right time.

11. Instant Yoga
Want to relax? This session helps you release tension and brings you to a calm and balanced place.

12. Healthy Boundaries
Healthy boundaries are necessary to have healthy relationships in life, love, and business.

13. Balancing the Body
This mediation creates equilibrium in your entire body when you’re feeling out of balance.

14. On Being Grateful
Gratitude enhances your experiences and improves the quality of your life.

15. Forgiveness
The burdens that you will release by forgiving yourself and others will bring about a lighter and happier you.]

16. Healing Overwhelm
For some, feeling overwhelmed is an all-too-common experience. Heal it quickly and easily with this meditation.

17. Getting the Job Done
Remove the barriers to crossing everything off of your “to-do” list!

18. Negotiation
Incorporate business principles and Theta Healing to effectively negotiate any deal you would like to make with friends, family, or business associates.

19. Creating Successful Outcomes in the Workplace
Change your expectations and gain the ability to create successful outcomes when working with difficult people in the workplace.

20. Enhancing Gut Instinct
This healing session focuses on enhancing and strengthening this most important form of intuition.

21. Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
This meditation leads you into a good night’s sleep.

22. 40 Winks Downloading Sleep
When you wake up tired, use this meditation to feel rested and gain energy to start your day right.

23. Healing Your Home
We all have positive and negative patterns in our lives that are derived from experiences in our childhood home. This takes you back and helps you resolve and heal the negative emotions from your home that affect you today.

24. Clearing Clutter
This healing session releases the emotional blocks to having a clean and organized space. It energizes you and your place with neatness, tidiness, and order.

25. Creating a Supportive Environment
This meditation charges your home with positive emotions to create a supportive and productive environment.

Special Offer One – $800 $97

Making Life Happen

25 Individual Recordings With Over 10 Hours of Theta Meditations

87% Savings


You Can Amplify Your Results by Joining
Happy, Confident & Together Live Group Healing Circle.

Happy, Confident & Together Live Group Healing Circle

In the summer of 2016 you can join Karen and friends LIVE in “Happy, Confident & Together”

You’ll love the live group experience as we focus on healing:

  • Your body image
  • Stressors that perpetually drain your brain
  • The drill sergeant inside of you that’s never satisfied with what you do

By joining “Happy, Confident & Together” you’ll keep yourself on track this summer to be the free-est, happiest YOU ever.

Healing Circles are great because you will:

  • Connect with Source to enhance your self love and acceptance
  • Make joyful choices with confidence
  • Create new adventures that bring in more vitality
  • Give others the best version of yourself by being your own top priority

“Karen Abrams’ Healing Circles are the most intimate, eye opening and gratifying healing experiences I’ve ever had. Karen covers and explores so many unconscious beliefs that I’d never think to address. These group healings never cease to amaze me!”

– Ryan M (Miami, Fl)

“Karen hits on so many brilliant, hidden issues. In clearing them, a few more deeply held issues come to the surface to be healed with ease. Thank you for an awesome process that is making a HUGE difference in my life!”

– M.S. (Los Angeles, CA)

Isn’t it time to free yourself from the shackles of your subconscious mind so you can finally live the life you desire?


“Theta healing has been a phenomenal experience for me. It has enlightened all aspects of my life, by providing a clear, and positive frame of reference for me to make my everyday life decisions with. Moreover, it has helped me deal with and overcome the issues from throughout my lifetime and beyond. All in all, this experience can only be described as a breath of fresh air and a shedding of enormous weight off of my mind, body and soul. Thank you Karen!”

-Sharon K., Real Estate Developer

“I have never experienced such clean and clear healing. This work gets straight to your core. It enables you to heal easily, gently, and gracefully.”

-R. Tepper, Founder Santa Monica Center of Healing Arts

“I wish that I could always feel the way I feel when I’m with Karen.”

-Wyatt P., age 13

“I have changed more in one hour with Karen Abrams than in a year of therapy.”

-Leslie C., Attorney

headshot_karen_abramsMeet Master Theta Healer KAREN ABRAMS

For more than 12 years, Karen Abrams has been a practicing Theta Healer. Karen first came to Theta Healing™ after watching a friend transform her life with it. Curious, Karen began to use Theta techniques herself, gaining immediate and lasting relief from chronic health issues that had overwhelmed her for years. She also discovered that Theta Healing™ improved her relationships and helped her achieve greater professional success.

A UCLA graduate in Psychology, Karen honed the listening and observation skills critical to Theta Healing™ through her extensive experience in the education field. For more nearly 30 years, she has worked with a broad range of clients, in diverse environments from students and professionals, actors and writers, to stay-at-home Moms and even other Theta healers.
Karen is now a Master Theta Healer, certified instructor, and Relationship Expert. She is a rising star/speaker on the international telesummit circuit in the Human Potential movement and her practice is filled with clients and healers from around the world.

She offers Theta Healing™ sessions both in-person and by phone, and conducts regular classes, teleclasses, and workshops that apply Theta Healing™ to everyday life. Topics include “Finding Your Soulmate,” “Making Love Happen,” “Making Money Happen,” “Good Grief,” “Manifesting Through Transition,” “Making Great Decisions,” “Family Survival Kit,” and “Healing Your Heart for the Holidays.”

In addition to her Theta Healing™ work, Karen has developed numerous programs in stress management, confidence building, and study strategies.

“Making Life Happen” is designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU if:

  • You are experiencing physical illness or chronic conditions that are keeping you from fully living and enjoying your life
  • You feel overwhelmed, lost, or stuck emotionally.
  • Your career in a rut.
  • Your relationships are strained.
  • Your creativity has seemingly left you.

Theta Healing can even complement medical treatment and speed other therapeutic efforts by focusing on the underlying core issues that profoundly affect all aspects of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Don’t miss this OPPORTUNITY to experience profound change and find a new sense of well-being through THETA HEALING.