Faculty Profile: Karen Abrams


After experiencing instant healing from chronic health issues, Karen knew that Theta Healing would be an important part of her life.  When she began seeing the results in others, she made it her career.

At the time, Karen was using her Psychology degree from UCLA and a lifetime of teaching experience to make a difference for others.  Having developed stress management and confidence building programs, Karen quickly saw that Theta Healing would provide exponential results.

Using Theta on herself first, she became healthier and happier, moving through life with greater ease and flow. Feeling supported from the inside out, difficult relationships transformed, her income increased, creativity expanded, and new possibilities emerged.

Inspired by the changes in her life, Karen studied Theta intensively and is now a Master Theta Healer and Certified Instructor.  What makes Karen unique is how she taps into the astounding power of co-creating with the Universe through Theta Healing and combines that with decades of experience as a relationship expert.

During the last eleven years Karen has assisted people from all over the world to resolve childhood patterns, physical ailments, misalignment with soul purpose, financial stress, creativity blocks, and so much more.  Karen thrives in the diversity of those who seek her out such as mothers, CEOs, seekers, doctors, creatives, attorneys, healers, professionals, business owners, and those who are simply healing.

Her sense of humor, insight and healing abilities have made her a rising star on radio and the international telesummit circuit in the Human Potential movement.

You’ll love your sessions with Karen as she combines intuition and insight to uncover and resolve the underlying issues that create discord in your life.  When you approach your problems by addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms, your life will never be the same.  You’ll delight in the way you are empowered to take the reins and create your life with purpose.

If you haven’t had an experience with someone like Karen before, you may be wondering what your sessions will be like.  You will be listened to, acknowledged and received.  You will feel unconditional love and support in a Sacred Space.  Imagine going on a journey with your best friend to discover and understand the mysteries that you are!  You will be loved.  You will be embraced.  And your life will change as a result.