image01BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAM Teaches You How to REVERSE Aging and Disease By Living On LIGHT!

Using Nature’s Botanical Pharmacy
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Arttemis and Chef Alicia guide you every step of the way in your transformational journey of spiritual elevation through healthy living: no guesswork, no confusion about what to do or what to eat, no struggling with grocery shopping or recipes.  We thought of everything in advance and we will be holding your hand throughout the entire Elevate Your Life Program to help you achieve great success, vibrant health, and whole-body Spiritual Nutrition that lasts a lifetime!




Your 5-Week Fully Guided Program Includes:

MTLMaB5Ta5 Live – 90min – Interactive Google Hangout Video Classes with Food Demos, Recipes, Q&A Sessions, and Spiritual Nutrition for Mind, Heart, Body and Soul

 [Group Coaching Value: $800.00]

MTLMaB5TaElevate Your Life Meal Plans and “Lifestyle by Design” Pdf’s From Arttemis & Chef Alicia to guide you step-by-step each week in elevating your life and health

[Value: 297.00]

MTLMaB5Ta70+ Raw Gourmet Recipes – Including Meals, Snacks, Elixirs, Smoothies, and Life-Force Activated Superfoods to Delight Your Taste Buds and Nourish Your Body.

[Value: $97.00]

MTLMaB5Ta3 Bonus Videos to get you started right from the beginning:

  •  “How to Shop for Fruits & Veggies For Maximum Nutrition and Best Flavor”

  • Ripening and Storing Your High Vibe Fruits & Veggies for Taste, Freshness and Nutrient Density”

  • Washing Fruits & Veggies for Peak Taste, Freshness, and Maximum Nutrition
      [Value: $47.00]

MTLMaB5Ta2 Bonus Mp3 Audio Trainings on “How to Overcome Your Food Cravings” and “How to Transform Fear into Faith: Making Clear Choices With Your Health Care When You Feel Stuck and Afraid”

[Value: $47.00]

Total Value of Your Elevate Your Life

5-Week Program:

Total Value: $1,288.00

Special Offer: $97.00

Yes! It’s Time For Me To THRIVE!

NO GUESSWORK… We Thought of Everything For You!

That’s only $3.00 per Day for Delicious Classes, Gourmet Recipes, Live Demos,
Videos and Transformational Lifestyle Upgrades with Arttemis & Alicia!



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all the delicious things you will

learn over 5 weeks with Arttemis & Chef Alicia!


“It’s hard to believe I have more energy, focus, and flexibility than ever before!
I love all the delicious recipes” – Jeff Chen
“My energy level is huge, my attention span is sharp and my memory seems to be much better.
I am not sure what has happened but I am not the person I used to be and I feel amazing on the Elixirs and Smoothies!” – Claudia Colte

image075 Weeks of Live Classes Helping You Live ABOVE the Wellness Line:


Week 1 – Creating Invincible Health and Awakening the Divine Within You in 5 Weeks

[The Overview]

  • How to Shop for Fruits & Veggies Without Breaking the Bank
  • Ripening and Storing for Taste, Freshness and Nutrient Density: How to Get The MOST Out of Your Produce
  • Washing Fruits & Veggies for Peak Taste and Health: Yes – This Really DOES Make A Difference!
  • When is it SAFE to buy CONVENTIONAL FOODS (Non-Organic) while Grocery Shopping
  • How to Make Eating Fruits and Veggies Fun and Easy
  • Your Goal: 10+ Servings of Fruits & Vegetables Each Day… Don’t worry – we make this easy!
  • pH Balance and Mastering the Basics – The KEY to Your Fountain of Youth!

Fun Food Facts: How to Use Food Combining and Proper Sequencing for Peak Energy and Digestion

Time and Money Saving Techniques for Week 1:  The “Elevate Your Breakfast Meal Plan for All Day Energy” – Watch the 3 Bonus Videos to Get You Started Right from the Beginning


Week 2 – Attaining Peak Energy and Elevating Breakfast with Fruit Smoothies Made to Gourmet Perfection!

  • Learn How Nature Helps You Elevate Your Life and Raise Your Vibration
  • Harness the Power of the Most Nutritious and Healing Foods on the Planet to Start Your Day Right
  • Learn How to Make Smoothies and Shakes with Nature’s Pharmacy in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Your TOP 10 Fruit Smoothies for pH Balance and Gentle Cleansing
  • Learn the Master Fruit Smoothie Formula so you can Create the Best Smoothie Every Day the Easy Way

Fun Food Facts: How to Achieve pH Balance for Peak States and Spiritual Well Being

Time and Money Saving Techniques for Week 2: Make Smoothies at Home with Lightning Speed when you Learn How to Set Up Your Kitchen Smoothie Station.

Learn How to Store Your Fruit Smoothies for Maximum Shelf Life and Flavor.


Week 3 – Raw Enzymes for Life – Salads and Savory Dishes for Lunch and Dinner

  • How to Make Delicious, Satisfying Salads in 10 Minutes or Less – Quick and Easy
  • Key Salad Ingredients for Nourishing Your Inner Beauty
  • Making Homemade RAW Ranch Dressing and Vinaigrette that Tastes Better than Your Favorite Store-Bought Brand
  • Storing Salads and Salad Dressings for Optimal Freshness and Flavor
  • Meal Plan 1 & 2 >>> Which One is Right for You?
  • How to Sprout for MAXIMUM Enzymes and Nutrition – ant it’s Easier Than You Think!
  • Kitchen Gardening: How to Sprout in Jars for Maximum Enzymes and Protein in your Salads

Fun Food Facts: Sprouts and Nature’s Living Enzymes: Sprouting Made Fun & Easy – with Live Demo!

Time & Money Saving Techniques for Week 3:  How to Balance Flavors and Create Your Own Signature Recipes the Whole Family Will LOVE!!!


Week 4 – Fun Fruit Snacks and Every Day Treats to Bring More Sweetness Into Your Life

  • Delicious Breakfast and Snack Porridges, Puddings, & Parfaits
  • How to Use Essential Oils in Your Meals and Snacks for Longevity, Health & Well Being
  • Crustless Apple Date Raisin Pie – Layers of Healthy Goodness; You’ll Think You Are Cheating When You Eat This One!
  • Delicious and EASY Banana Pudding Your Whole Family Will Love
  • Mango Pudding – Exotic Sweet Healthy Treat
  • Fig Carob Pudding – Treat Your Inner Child
  • Chia Pudding – Nutrient-Packed Yumminess

Fun Food Facts:  Essential Oils for Elevating Your Body and Treating Your Tastebuds

Time & Money Saving Techniques for Week 4: Guilt-Free Healthy Snacks and Impulse Foods to Feed Your Inner Child


Week 5 – Nutrition for Your Environment – How to Transform Your Home into a Healing Spa and Sanctuary!

  • Balance Electrical Energies in Your Home with Simple and Beautiful Earth-Made Lamps
  • Purify Your Home’s Air and Balance Your Emotions with Nature’s Living Energies…. Diffused!
  • Support Your Lymphatic System, You then Your Skin and Regain Your Healthy Glow with this Simple Daily Spa Session
  • Enjoy Hydrotherapy Treatments in Your Home that are Superior to any other Spa Experiences
  • Learn How to Heal and Rejuvenate with Therapeutic New Moon and Full Moon Bath Recipes
  • Get Baby-Soft Skin with this Quick and Easy DIY Sugar Shower Scrub Recipes
  • Revitalize Every Organ and System in Your Body with the VitaFlex Essential Oil Massage Technique

Fun Food Facts:  How To Make Essential Oil Elixirs for The Best Digestion and Deep, Peaceful Sleep

Time & Money Saving Techniques for Week 5: Secret Recipe Spa Elixirs: Morning Glow Lemonade – Peppermint Digestion Booster – Cherry Frankincense Nighty-Night Elixir

Total Value of the Elevate Your Life

5-Week Fully Guided Program:

Total Value: $1,288.00

Special Offer: $97.00

That’s only $3.00 per Day for Delicious Classes, Gourmet Recipes, Live Demos, Videos and Transformational Lifestyle Upgrades with Arttemis & Alicia!


Yes! It’s Time for Me To Thrive!

“I have worked for KoKo Fitness Club in Lakeway for the past 1 and 1/2 years. I did Elevate Your Life back in March and it has change my lifestyle. I lost seven pounds with this program and I kept it off!”

~Fernanda, Lakeway TX

“The Elevate Your Life Program has changed my outlook on food and how I nurture my body, mind and soul. I plan on continuing to eat this way on a daily basis. Thank you Arttemis for providing me with all these tools and guidance so I can experience true radiant health.”

~Tawney, Austin TX