Faculty Profile: Arttemis Keszainn

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Arttemis KeszainnFrom Spa Director with Dr. Gabriel Cousins at the Tree of Life to Spiritual Counselor and Lifestyle Empowerment Specialist at GodSelf University.

Arttemis Keszainn is a visionary entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and creator of Juicing For Fat Loss, Elevate Your Life Raw Food Transformation, and Green Living With Essential Oils.  Arttemis has touched and transformed over 20,000 lives world-wide to achieve dynamic health through regenerative detoxification, live food nutrition, essential oils, conscious language, iridology, and transformational technologies – helping 1000s of people create long-lasting radiant health and build a body they love!  He has studied radiant health for over 15 years training extensively with 3 doctors in 3 different clinics including Dr. Gabriel Cousens at the world renowned Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center as Spa Director.  While at the Tree of Life, Arttemis created advanced detoxification and emotional release technologies to heal and uplift 1000s of people visiting the Tree of Life for Spiritual Fasting.  Arttemis has built a strong following on YouTube providing viewers with videos on Essential Oils, Women’s Health, Family Health Care, Conscious Language, Tapping Techniques, Advanced Detoxification and so much more.

Arttemis is currently transforming 10s of 1000s of lives world-wide by creating information products, videos, and websites that inspire and educate people to build the body they love and design a lifestyle of magnificent health, beauty, and vitality!

Arttemis’s Expertise and Qualifications:

Family Healthcare with Essential Oils – Online Training Programs to Empower Families w/Essential Oils

Integrated Essential Oil Therapies & Advanced Detoxification

Certified Quantum Reflex Analysis by Premier Research Labs – Restoring Weaknesses in Bio Field w/Quantum State Nutrition

Certified Sacred Body Language Translation Coach – Quickly  Removing Emotional Blocks and Underlying Causes to Disease

Certified Bio-Optic Holographer – Advanced Analysis of the Iris and Sclera to Heal Mind, Emotions, Body, and Spirit

Certified Mastery Systems Life Coach – Trained in All Mastery Systems Modalities, Coaching, and Healing

Raw Food Detoxification and Fasting Coach – 12 Years Experience Guiding 1000s of People through Fasting and Detox

Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner – Full Training and Background in Gemstone Energy Medicine from Gemisphere.com

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner – Medical Qigong, Breath, and Body Awareness Techniques for Rapid Healing

Arttemis has tapped into the power of looking and feeling 10 years younger! Let his life experience make a difference for you.  

~Arttemis Keszainn~
Lifestyle Empowerment Specialist
Cell: 512-731-5290