Faculty Profile: Alina Rosiak


Meet Alina Rosiak

Alina’s alignment with GodSelf University’s mission is a perfect match and that’s why we are excited to have her on our team.

Alina started her adult life quite “asleep” in a 3D reality. She had the experience of being a wife, a mother, a teacher, business owner driven by money. Now, she has no business, no job, very few personal obligations to distract her from what has been her #1 focus for more than 15 years. She is singularly focused on remembering her True origin as “One with the Creator” and holding that space for everyone who engages with her.

Wiped her Soul Clean

In 2008 Alina had an event which she describes as “it wiped the slate of my soul clean of all the labels I have accumulated during my experience as a human and left me in a “void” for several months so I could expand my remembering of who I AM. It freed me from the shackles of the Universal matrix which is loaded with religious constructs, occult practices and ancestral limitations.” This experience opened the wisdom Alina now shares with those who are seeking self-empowerment and freedom.

Through the grace of the Creator who created all that there is, Alina is eliminating the layers of resistance which cause separation.

Alina’s Energy Catalyzes Transformation

Alina does not see herself as a healer (which would imply that she does the healing) and says that she is simply holding the space for someone to remember their origin as she does. When she holds that as her point of reference, lower frequencies which are the cause of emotional and physical misalignments start to vibrate at higher frequencies in the quantum field and return back to their original state of Love that IS.

Be Warned, Sometimes Alina Barks Like a Dog 🙂

Alina’s Higher Self has a very unique way of communicating with her (or someone else) when asking “yes” and “no” questions. If it’s a “yes”, she often gets an involuntary muscle spasm in her diaphragm accompanied by loud sounds, which she lovingly refers to as energetic hick-ups, even though it sounds more like dog barking. It is her unique Language of Light and a form of sound healing which breaks up stubborn energetic constructs and expands the heart energy.

An Answer for our Evolution

Ascension is unfolding for humanity and at times it can feel like we are here without a roadmap. Alina’s truth is that all we have to do is remember. Her joy is in assisting those who are seeking to shift their consciousness to internal Knowing that we are Divinity embodied, living in heaven on earth.

Alina does what she does because it is her soul’s purpose and it brings her joy. When engaging with her, there is no financial obligation. If you benefit from her presence, her articles and videos, or a one on one conversation, you are welcome to make a heartfelt donation if you wish.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

What People are Saying About Working with Alina

“I have so loved having sessions with Alina. Her ability to hold space, with compassion, non-judgement and her ability to get to the core of an issue has helped move energy big time while I was going through some deep healing. I highly recommend booking a session with Alina – I am so full of gratitude!!

Jodi in Mexico

“Amazing first session! In my first session with Alina I felt something so powerful. My whole body tingled and as identified old energies of self abandonment and self hate locked inside of me, I felt them begin to melt away. Just the sound of Alina’s voice heals, even on the phone continents away. She is pure love. Definitely allow her to support you in healing yourself!

“Learning to Love Myself! “Alina and I have been friends for about six years. In that time, she has supported me to remember how to love everything and everyone. My journey to self love continues and as it does I contact Alina for support and guidance whenever I find something that I am not in love with.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness, caring and generosity. I very much appreciated the purity of your consciousness and heart that wants to help me, others and our dear world. I can understand why you want to help others. Your heart is very tender and expansive. You are a gift to the world.”

Wendee M.

“During my initial session with Alina, I was struck by the clarity and depth of her understanding and experience of oneness with Source.  I was equally impressed by her unwavering conviction in humankind’s total unity.  The illusion of separateness was stripped away while we were engaged with one another.  As we worked together, I sank into stillness and profound inner peace.  Near the conclusion of each session, Alina provided me with perspectives and affirmations to support me during growth opportunities and during the surfacing of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs I held within myself, making her work with me an ongoing, co-creative process.  I am truly blessed to be part of the healing work that Alina is facilitating.  I highly recommend her work to anyone who is committed to removing the barriers to Love.”

Mary Ann Cushing

“Alina is  a clear channel for Source energy.  She is adept at connecting in with whomever she is working with and giving them an expanded experience and awareness of who they are as Source energy. This occurs as a result of gently clearing blockages that are blinding one’s inner sight and awareness/experience so one can see and Know themselves more clearly as a Creator.  Alina does this from a heart centered prospective with kindness, love, respect and relentless thoroughness.”

Andrea Dazzi, Colorado

“I was fortunate in 2016 to experience a serendipitous meeting with Alina Rosiak and life has simply not been the same. Alina’s bright mind and passion for life distracted us for hours as we spoke about living and truth and just the nature of “being.”

Alina made several book recommendations as well as shared her tools for living and some other anectdote for  living humbly and healthily for the duration of my years. Those recommendations have been life altering and perhaps the one of most significance occurred just yesterday. A quiet yet lengthy conversation resulted in some turning points and emotional breakthroughs which yielded a sense of peace and comfort that is challenging to describe.

I feel grateful, humbled, and would recommend this fine lady, and now true friend, for any services or help that she offers. You will simply leave better than you arrived. She will always have my “vote!”
Marilyn Burke

If you would like to contact Alina her email address is alinarosiak123@gmail.com