Unlock Your Physical Space and Unleash Your Unbridled Life

Patrick Durkin interviews Deb Regan as she shares:

  • What Your Physical Space Reveals About You
  • Creating Freedom by Accessing the Wisdom of Your Physical Space
  • How That Clutter is Impacting Your Life
  • Co-Creating Your Life with Your Physical Space
  • Portals and Contracts

To empower you to begin to communicate with your physical surroundings Deb is offering her Awaken to Your Space guided meditation.

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From the moment Deb had her own space cleared, she became an advocate for others to experience this powerful process in their own lives.  After training with a space clearing and Feng Shui expert for 8 years, she began to bring this powerful work to individuals and businesses all over the world. Her results are impressive:  every person going through this process has felt a powerful transformation!

Deb is passionate about bringing space clearing to as many people as possible so that they, too, can feel a shift in their lives and move forward toward their purpose work.
Deb’s formal training in coaching began at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where much of the focus was on a person’s ‘primary food’ – their career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality. She went on to study at Holistic MBA, learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and becoming a Transformational Coach. She then went even deeper and studied to become an Intuitive Strategist and Master Teacher at the Academy for the Soul. As an Intuitive Strategist, she uses the Integrative Soul Technology process, a cutting edge technology of transformation that is used by practitioners in more than 8 countries.