GodSelf: An Awakened Being Living in Heaven on Earth.

GodSelf is the pinnacle of human expression, a Union between the humanity of flesh and bone, and the energy of the Eternal.  It is a state of being that we can slip into and slide away from, and call upon to inhabit.  GodSelf is an amalgamation of all that we are and all that we are capable of becoming.  It includes living in the physical world, ingesting life with our five senses, while Remembering our spiritual nature and the Oneness that defines our existence.

GodSelf is ours by birthright.  Each and every one of us came here to experience life on Earth while Remembering how to live in a multidimensional state of perfect love accessing the Divine within.  As heart and mind are unified within us, Divine Radiance emanates in coherent sparkling Brilliance.

A GodSelf isn’t an “airy fairy” state of being – it’s not about suppression or an expectation of harmony in everything.  A GodSelf is not confined by duality and embraces humanity becoming less sensitive to labels such as “right” and “wrong” or “negative” and “positive”.    A GodSelf plays full-on with vibrance and emotion, and welcomes all outcomes without attachment.  Living as a GodSelf is simultaneously vivid and neutral.

GodSelf is available here and now.  It includes living in one’s body and Knowing one’s spirituality.  By definition, existence in the physical plane means we still have more to Remember and lessons to understand so when the human part of you stumbles or trips on a perceived obstacle, that is the opportunity to Be your GodSelf.  As you display love and compassion for yourself while learning the lessons, your Divinity shines through.

From time to time, or even all the time, most of us forget how to be our GodSelf and that’s okay because we created GodSelf.com to support us ALL in Remembering.