About Us

GodSelf.com was created by a team of spiritual seekers like yourself, as a living hub of high-vibration spiritual information and processes supporting you to Be your GodSelf. First dreamed into the physical plane by Patrick Durkin, a dedicated yogi and multipreneur, GodSelf is a welcoming place to visit, to help you get into your flow.

Visit often. Dive in. GodSelf is being co-created daily by our team, in concert with your asking.

We curate, collate and generate the most relevant material for your empowerment and upliftment. Designed for you to engage with. Not just to observe – but to understand. Not just to discuss God, the Divine, Source, or the Great Spirit; but to live from your GodSelf, to be an Awakened Being experiencing Heaven on Earth.

Led by a team that includes Hope Fitzgerald, an exceptional channel of the Ascended Masters, we dowse for the quality of all information presented at GodSelf.com, and its effectiveness in catalysing your evolution.

Feel the harmony as you immerse yourself in content selected by Buddha, Yeshua, Mary, and Archangel Michael.

We are dedicated to guiding you towards greater awareness of Water – an extraordinary Living Being carrying the resonance of Oneness.  Water is the conduit connecting the inner and outer worlds; a deep understanding of it will allow you to flow with more grace and ease.

No matter where you are on your journey, we are here to be with you. We honour the choices you make – whether occasionally stopping by for the latest blog post, or to hunker down in the deep intimacy of a Concierge Journey to transform karmic issues.

Dive into an unparalleled collection of spiritual wisdom, for your ever-deepening awareness of your GodSelf – and ride the waves of joy to your spiritual evolution!