About the Founder

patrick-11-300x169Patrick Durkin is a speaker, author, educator; a dedicated yogi, multipreneur, lover of life, advocate of Water, and a man on a mission. He learned at an early age that there were healing energies, and he tapped into them intuitively.

Diagnosed with a chronic condition at age 31, and told to take a pharmaceutical every day for the rest of his life, he transmuted the experience from one of pain and suffering, to one of appreciation, learning obstacles present opportunities for expanded awareness.

He made a million dollars in a year and lost two in a different one. He has changed careers, giving up hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to follow his passion. In so doing, he has developed a powerful understanding of materialism, money and abundance.

He’s shifted the way he thinks and feels. He’s examined rage and anger and discovered that forgiveness frees up the energy to fuel our dreams.

He has new values and beliefs that support flowing with life and accepting things as they are. His actions are most often aligned with the understanding that we are multidimensional beings; we are One; and we are awakening to our Infinite Selves.

His love of learning and expanding into Universal Truth has led to the creation of GodSelf.com. To share the tools of joyful personal growth, to bring the world closer to an awareness of Oneness.

Patrick feels privileged to participate in creating GodSelf.com to support you in your personal journey of upliftment – as that leads to the upliftment of humanity. When we change the way we think and feel we change everything.