About that word. (God)

If you are on a spiritual journey, you are probably somewhere on the spectrum of dealing with this: God, a word that attempts to describe the most sacred of concepts, has been misused for so long.

Perhaps you prefer other terms, like Source, the Divine, Universal Love, Shiva, Creative Intelligence. We love and use those terms too. We at GodSelf have come a long way to finally, comfortably use the word God. How many of us were raised in religions that taught us that a God is ‘out there’ somewhere, watching and judging us – harshly? And how few of us were taught that God is love, and flows within us, and in fact, is us?

Just as each droplet of water in the ocean is also ocean, we are each a part of God. We are all made up of the same stuff.

So we are comfortable saying: you have a GodSelf.

And it is beautiful. It is the luminous stream of eternal life flowing through you right now. Your GodSelf is the center of that connection to God. It is pulsing with aliveness.  Unconditional Love. Clarity. Joy.

You know when you feel that connection. When it flows unimpeded by doubt, it feels blissful. Ideas flow. Laughter flows. Acceptance flows.

And when you tune into your GodSelf for centering, calm, wisdom, answers, you know the creative intelligence that is your birthright. You GodSelf is your guide. Always available – and free of cost.

So perhaps you’ll allow the word God to fill you with connection and ease. Or simply use any way of addressing the Divine that works best for you.

Just know that your GodSelf, your own essence, loves you and has brought you here. Together we’ll journey to expand your consciousness, have more fun, experience heaven on earth. Let’s start.