A Channelled Message from the First GodSelf University Live Event

At the first GodSelf University live event we were privileged to receive a channelled message. We’ve transcribed it and shared it below. Thank you for being a part of our community during this extraordinary time. It is a privilege to walk the earth in human form while simultaneously being our GodSelves.

Here is the transcript:

Peace be with you all. You are gathering for a great journey and every step of the way is supported by those of us who love you. GodSelf is the perfect word, the perfect name for this community and for each one of you individually, to remind you of the truth that you are indeed a GodSelf. God walks within you. God lives with you. You are an aspect of God now and always. Never forget that very important detail. We are standing by, in joy and recognition of the courage that it takes to live as a GodSelf. We know it is not easy in your world to do so at all times, however, we also know that you can accomplish it. In fact, you must accomplish it! It is where you are going, where you are heading, both individually, and as a Collective. This site will serve to inspire many, many, people. Thank you. Thank you all who view this video, who are inspired to share it to help others to remember their GodSelves. May this circle widen indefinitely, infinitely, and of course lovingly. We send you off with this benediction: Glory to you, and all who participate.