Embrace Yourself in 10th Dimensional Love & Compassion

So, you meditate, think positive thoughts, set intentions and do your best to keep above the hardscrabble fray of daily life. You’ve got good friends, who reflect similar uplifting outlooks, and your living environment is a peaceful haven from the crush of the outside world. What you eat, how you exercise and even the water you drink – all are choices you’ve made through your awakening process to ensure that your outer world mirrors the serenity of your inner world.

And then you hear a news report about one of the presidential nominees, or a family member has an issue with you, or a stranger makes a rude remark, and suddenly you find yourself tugged into a nether world where arguments happen and people disagree in the most disagreeable ways. As if you’re wearing lead boots, you find yourself being pulled down onto a field where these kind of ordinary battles happen on a daily basis. This is the place that you worked so hard to leave and you certainly don’t want to dwell there anymore, yet here you are, on the Field of Duality…again.

Don’t feel badly, though – you’re human, and this is the standard set-up for Planet Earth.

This beautiful world we’ve agreed to inhabit presents itself primarily in 3 dimensions: Time, Space and Gravity. One of 3-D’s most significant defining aspects is duality, which simply refers to the polarizing ‘rules of the game’ here on Earth. These rules create a heaviness and we grow up believing that we’re locked into this density that appears as solidly real. However, from ancient mystics to modern science, we’ve learned that there are actually many versions of what “real” is and that there are a multitude of dimensions. In those other dimensions are realities that look and feel very different than what we’re used to – and that’s what you’ve been working so diligently to create: an alternate reality within 3-D.

So, back to the field, if you look around, you’ll notice you’re magnetized onto a large, grassy playing area, but instead of goal cages, what you see are tall iron rods emerging from the ground at either ends of the field. These rods represent that dualistic thinking we were talking about: Yes/No, Either/Or, Right/Wrong, etc. For many of us, our lives unknowingly consist of a constant, ongoing game of resistance being played between these two rods. The conversation might boil down to: “I believe this, you believe that, now let the tug-o-war begin!”

And so, we proceed to struggle back and forth, pulling hard between our firmly-held, oppositional beliefs. Of course, this game happens on micro and a macro scales, between individuals, between cultures and between nations. And it never really gets resolved because there’s always a victor and a loser, leaving traces of bitterness and resentment that will inevitably brew a more epic battle down the road.

Exhausting, isn’t it?

Well, I have two quick fixes for you.

One is to imagine that the Infinity Wave, a 10th Dimensional energetic of love and compassion, hovers like a mirror directly over this grassy field, with each end of the “8” loop wrapped around one of the protruding rods. As the water flows around these extreme points, it literally breaks up rigidified resistance and instead creates a blending of polarized positions, which allows the focus to shift more easily from differences to commonalities. Furthermore, it literally lifts the 3-D field activity up into another reality. The game moves from struggle to a higher-dimensional existence, where co-creation becomes possible.

And here’s what’s really exciting about using the Wave this way: it empowers us to elegantly deal with the tough stuff, rather than wishing to retreat back into a less angry world. Just knowing that we can handle any situation brings about that inner calm more effectively than anything else. Instead of the temptation to escape this wonderful 3-D existence, this method encourages us to enhance Life by having access to our multi-dimensional selves.

Secondly, two simple words can break the grip of those lead boots and allow you to swiftly return to your serene state. Remember those phrases that set up and maintain duality – Yes/No, etc.? Try this now and see what happens in your body: say “Yes, AND…” Repeat that a few times and feel yourself lifting once again above the grind on the field. Simply by thinking these words, you’ve broken the spell of the dimensional reality that we’re taught to believe is the only option.

“Yes, and” takes us to an expanded place where two things can be true at once – a stark contrast to the battlefield of Yes and No. With “Yes, and” both sides can win, compromises can occur and the energy drain of the fight does not need to deplete the players. Instead, energy gets funneled into lovingly arriving at solutions that please all parties and everyone leaves feeling uplifted. So, the next time you inadvertently tumble into an argument, try saying “yes…and” to the other person and observe how the conversation begins to soften.

Having simple tools for breaking the bonds of duality quickly and easily is essential for withstanding the challenges that are bound to occur here. I wish you well as you continue to make choices that reaffirm your intention to stay in your highly-vibrational, awake state while navigating this increasingly polarized planet! As a part of my Sacred Gift to the GodSelf community, I am including the link to my audio recording of an Infinity wave introductory meditation.

~Hope Fitzgerald, GodSelf Faculty

Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be immersed in the 10th Dimensional Love and Compassion of the Infinity Wave. It’s here for you WHENEVER you need it.

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